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Cycling Insight for 2021

Cycling Insight's 2021 plans. Find out what new research will be conducted and what new content will be produced in this start of year update.
Cycling Insight for 2021

I started Cycling Insight amidst the beginning of this pandemic. I had an extra free day in my week and I wanted to share cycling information that could help professionals in the industry understand the market a little better with data.

Since then, I’ve been featured in BikeBiz, written for Cycling Industry News’ Trade Journal, and connected with many of you in the industry. In summary, it’s been incredible.

Oh, and my research into bike insurance helped me secure a new role at Bikmo!

So what does 2021 look like for Cycling Insight?

A New Platform

I’ve migrated Cycling Insight from Wordpress to Ghost CMS because it was taking far too long to build and structure when I really just want to write and share cycling industry content.

Ghost is not only quick and simplistic for both user and reader, it allows me to structure my content without any extra plugins or widgets.

All content from 2020 is entirely free and just requires you to be logged in to an account to view it.

More New Research

That’s right, I’ll be conducting at least three new research reports this year. Each will look into the consumer behaviour of real world cyclists.

Nothing is confirmed, but I’m interested to explore how online reviews affect purchasing behaviour; a look into the perception of eBikes in the market; and other areas I deem to be highly relevant in this day and age.

New research costs time and money and I'm hoping to secure sponsorship to help deliver these projects.

Self-Reflective Content

In my evenings and weekends, I create custom Strava prints for cyclists and runners under the brand Cyced. I’ve been doing this for three years and it’s a profitable side hustle.

Cyced is what you’d call bootstrapped. No investment and a couple of £100 per year to test a few things out. I built the website, designed the artwork, and print to order to reduce upfront costs.

For my own goals of writing more, I will be publishing growth learnings of what has worked and what hasn’t. From doing well on the SEO front, to losing £200 on Google Ads, I’ll share all my learnings from a marketing perspective.

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Finally, I want to learn from those that have succeeded in the cycling industry and share their experiences with you in the form of interviews.

There are  people I’d love to speak to, to learn how their business got to where it is today and how they intend to take it forwards, yet I haven’t reached out yet until I fully grasp the best way to approach it.

These will happen this year (all being well) and most likely sooner than later.

Thank you for being part of this project. I hope it is useful and continues to be so in 2021.