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Information about Cycling Insight's aims and publishings. Find out what and who's behind the community platform.

Cycling Insight is run by me, Angus. It’s my platform to share insights, new research and data-led trends to the cycling professional community and to keep a log of my own cycling project’s performance as a way to share growth learnings.

I’m a cyclist and currently work for a specialist cycling insurer in the U.K. as a marketing manager. Prior to this I’ve worked in a fintech company in Berlin and at British Cycling for three years helping grow and develop the membership product.

My content here can be split into three pillars:

  1. Cycling consumer behaviours, interviews and growth guides.
  2. New research I’ve conducted to provide real-world cycling consumer insights.
  3. Wins, failures and things I do to try and grow Cyced (the side-project).

Who's Cycling Insight for?

The Cycling Insight platform is for cycling industry professionals who's direct or indirect customers are real life cyclists.

You may also find the content useful if you operate a small business in the sports market or have an interest in how the cycling industry operates.

Keep up to date

Content and updates are sent to around 150 professionals through the email newsletter and posted on the website. You can also keep track on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Press Clippings

My publishings and new research has gained industry press coverage online as well as provided the opportunity to write in the regular print edition of Cycling Industry News' print magazine.

Cycling Industry News

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